Openings for 2024

We still have openings for the Bristol Bay, Alaska trout opener which is June 8th. If you want to see Alaska before the tourists show up, June is the month to target. Rainbows are gorging on both salmon fry emerging from the gravel and salmon smolt leaving for their journey into the Bering Sea.

We also have room from July 13th until August 10th. July is a great time to add a float plane adventure to one of the many char and rainbow streams that make Bristol Bay famous for offering the best trout fishing in Alaska. The rivers will be full of salmon, the weather is typically on its best behavior and our photogenic bears are ready to pose for your camera.

By August, Silvers will take over the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still plenty of action catching Dolly Varden, Arctic Char, Grayling, Pike, Chums and Pinks!

Give us a call at 616-745-6066 for more information.

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