About Us

Chief Guide Jim Johnson

Hello, my name is Jim Johnson and I am addicted to catching big fish.

I’ve been through all of the 10 step programs. I’ve read John Gierach. I’ve even taken pictures of 8 inch brook trout. Nothing has worked. The adrenaline rush that sweeps through me when a monster fish grabs my fly is like a drug.

For someone afflicted with this pervasive illness, Alaska is the only medicine. The problem is that, like all addictions, this one can be horribly expensive. Many a poor soul has been forced to choose between buying food for his family or paying for that $8,000 trip to Bristol Bay.

Thankfully, help has arrived.

A trip to the best trophy rainbow river in Alaska is now available for under $4000!

No longer will a trip to Alaska have to be ‘once in a lifetime’, because, speaking as an addict, a onetime shot of Alaska just isn’t going to get it done.

You just have to experience the smolt migrations in June, the huge runs of salmon in July, the acrobatic silvers in August and the incredible trophy rainbow fishing in September.

No, for the true big fish junkie, once in a lifetime just isn’t enough. That is why, here at Naknek River Camp, we’ve gone the extra mile to make Alaska affordable.

I know what you are asking yourself, how can they be so cheap when every other full service lodge in Alaska charges 2, 3 and even 4 times as much. The answer is easy ‘ I exploit my family for cheap labor.

Chef Phyllis
Take my wife Phyllis as an example. She is head of housekeeping, the chef and a full time licensed guide. In her spare time, she sleeps.

Our son James has been fishing literally since before he could walk. He is a 4 time Michigan State Casting Champion and my right hand man around camp.

Our daughter Tana has also been the Michigan State Casting Champion. She is the official camp photographer and the desert chef.

Our youngest is Hunter. Hunter is just starting his career as a fishing guide. His specialty is netting big salmon.