Naknek River Camp - Alaska's Affordable Alternative

Times they are a changin'

Remember way way back in the old days when we could travel to a fancy lodge in Alaska for a week of decadent bliss just by cashing in part of the interest we had earned on our investments?

Me either.

Traveling to Alaska has always involved tough choices. Will the kids get new shoes for school or will I get that new fly line I need? Will the wife finally be able to get that dishwasher she has been dreaming about or will I get the new zip front breathable waders? Will I only be able to golf twice a week or will I be forced to fish shoulder to shoulder on the Alaska road system with all of the other poor shmucks that bought General Motors stock? Many a fisherman has been forced to save his pennies for years and years to be able to afford that one "trip of a lifetime".

The economy has been tough for everybody, and we have all had to adapt to the new reality. We are all trying to make our fishing vacation dollars go farther. We are doing our best to help out by offering an all-inclusive week at one of Bristol Bay's best fishing destinations for under $4000..

This package includes a guide, boat, all meals and a comfortable cabin on the banks of the world famous Naknek River, which has some of the best trophy rainbow fishing in the world.

Alaska's Affordable Alternative

Naknek River Camp CabinsWe founded the Naknek River Camp on the basic premise that Alaska was just too amazing to be kept as a playground for the rich. We set out to create Alaska’s Affordable Alternative, featuring 8 comfortable cabins located within Katmai National Park, at the outlet of Naknek Lake. This unique location offers quick access to both the Naknek River with its prolific runs of salmon and trophy rainbow trout and to the wadeable wilderness streams that feed into the incredibly beautiful Naknek Lake.

Naknek River Camp We use 3 large deep V boats to access remote rivers that are fly-out destinations for most other lodges in our area, including the World famous Brooks river and falls, featuring some of the most photogenic brown bears on the planet!

Of course, no other lodge at any price can boast that they have the amazingly productive upper Naknek River just outside their front door. It is no coincidence that Fish Alaska Magazine has chosen the Naknek as the best place to fish for trophy Alaskan rainbows year after year. Our home run in front of camp features some of the fastest action for trophy rainbow available in the entire state.

Naknek River Camp You will have to give up a few luxuries, of course, but we do our best to make our guests comfortable. We hope that when you leave, you will feel like you have spent a week with family. My wife Phyllis and my daughter Tana will do their best to keep you stuffed full of the best foods wild Alaska has to offer, like wild salmon and halibut, mixed in with a few favorites from our dinner table in Michigan like smothered pork chops and Dijon chicken. Breakfast will be full of hearty foods like scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage and bacon. You won't have to give up hot showers or running water, and you'll even be able to charge your camera batteries in your cabin. No Masseuse on staff, but I might be able to get one of my kids to walk on your back.

We have over 20 years of experience hosting fly fisherman on the Pere Marquette River in Michigan, so we understand what it takes to put together a great fishing trip and we guarantee that we will make sure that your trip to Alaska will be a cherished memory.

But once in a lifetime? At the very small prices that we are charging, we think you might very well want to make this trip every year!


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Host Jim Johnson
Your Host Jim Johnson (left)
Sockeye schooling below the waterfall in August.
Flyfishing Feeder Stream
Some of the best flyfishing is on
the smaller feeder streams.

Brooks Falls
World Famous Brooks Falls
This guy might be your
biggest competition!