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The guy that coined the phrase that "everything is bigger in Texas", had obviously never visited Alaska. The mountains are taller, the rivers are endless, the salmon runs are almost uncountable, the rainbows are monsters and the bears are bigger than you can imagine until you see one up close.

We don't accept the premise that Alaska fishing can only be for the rich. It is true that the prices are also bigger in Alaska - there are almost no roads in the state so everything and everyone is transported by airplane, which is costly - but we have done everything we can to bring the price of a trip down to a reasonable level.

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Season Packages:

Standard 7 Day Package $3495 per person

Naknek River Camp AerialThis is an all-inclusive fully guided week of fishing in Bristol Bay, Alaska. We have some of the top guides in Alaska. One of them will take you to the best fishing that the Naknek and Katmai National Park has to offer. We also include a private riverfront cabin, all food in our comfortable dining room and transportation to and from the King Salmon airport. This package includes a visit to the World Famous Brooks Falls and River to sample the great rainbow fishing and the abundant brown bear photo opportunities.

Deluxe "Best of Bristol Bay" Package $4295 per person

This includes all of the features of the standard package plus 2 float plane fly outs to some of Alaska's best fishing destinations.

All of our packages start and stop at the King Salmon Airport (AKN). The only way here is by plane from Anchorage (ANC). Both Alaska Airlines and Penair offer daily flights to King Salmon. We have a special Lodge deal with Penair. Call 1-800-448-4226 to book the "Naknek River Camp Lodge Rate".

We ask for a $1,000. Deposit to lock in your spot, payable by Visa, Mastercard or personal check. Email us at or call us at 616-745-6066 in the winter (October - May) or 907-439- 2895 in the summer (June - September).


$2495 per person (based on double occupancy)
We are offering a less expensive option for the adventurous self-sufficient angler that wants to spend a week on the world famous Naknek, exploring this angling paradise on his own. We provide a boat and motor with gas, a riverfront cabin and all your meals.

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We are trying to provide an all-inclusive trip, but some visitors may want to customize their trip.

Fly-outs - Many float plane destinations are available for a day trip. The cost for a fly-out trip varies with the distance to the chosen destination, but many guided trips are available for $300 - $500 per person per day.

Bear and other wildlife photo safaris - In the course of our normal fishing day, we will likely have many opportunities to see and photograph the abundant wildlife populations. However, some serious photographers may want to spend more time pursuing the perfect photo. Let us know in advance of the trip and we will make sure that we plan a day or two in areas that maximize your opportunities for great photographs.

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Naknek River Camp
Naknek River Camp
Some of the best fishing is
right outside your dooor!

Photo Safari / Fishing Trip to Brooks
A photo safari / fishing trip to
Brooks will be an important part
of each week at our camp.

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The sockeye salmon run in July produces lots of beautiful fillets!